You can be a White House Guest


The White House is open to the public.  Click here to get further details on how to tour the White House. 


White House is one of the most famous buildings in the world. It is a historical landmark of the USA which has survived a massive fire and still stands tall. It is the home of the president of the United States. There are many people who dream of visiting the White House. They want to explore the beautiful building and want to know the secrets which have been hidden in this famous home throughout the years.  You will be surprised to know there are some people who are invited to the White House of late. 


A few notable White House guests 

Robert Kraft

He has lived most of his life as a Democrat. Robert Kraft is the CEO of New England Patriots. He is very close to Trump and enjoyed dinner with him in the White House. Even the Super Bowl winning team of Kraft have also visited the White House because they wanted to meet the president. The reason Kraft and Trump are so close is that when his wife passes away, Trump called him most of the times to know whether he is doing fine or not. He claims that trump was one of the few people who supported him at that time. After the approval of new tax law, Kraft has donated $1 million for the inauguration of Trump. He has also shown his approval for the new law.

Rupert Murdoch

He is the owner and operator of Fox news and he has visited White House several times. It has been found that when Trump was elected as the president he assured to cover all the positive aspects of Trump and that is how they grew closer. He has visited the place several times. You will be surprised to know that there was a time when he planned to sell a share of Fox news o Disney because of some financial issues. Trump called him only to assure that he will not sell Fox news and the company will remain untouched. He often visits the White House for the interview and for coverage of various events to assure that he can show his viewers what is inside the White House.

Matt Drudge

He is the editor and founder of the famous Conservative news website known as Drudge Report. He is one of the frequent visitors of the White House. He is one of biggest supporters of Trump that you will find in the industry. He has been supporting Trump with his media coverage to assure that people will see the positive side of the president. He is a very influential yet a very private person. He has been helping trump in his promotion and likes to work with him in the White House.

Kid Rock

Kid Rock is a very famous musician who has been helping trump in his endorsements in 2016. during the campaign, he issued a wide variety of shirts and caps with the name and picture of Trump on it. At the White House, there are various photos of Trump and Kid Rock. He has also dined with the president several times.

Sarah Palin

He is the former governor of Alaska and he was elected as the vice president for the Republican. He has been a very strong supporter of Trump in early stages. He managed the campaigns of Trump in the White House. In 2011 the birther movement of Trump was also supported by him. That is why he has visited the White House several times and spent time with the president.

Jamie Dimon

He has served on the business forum of Trump and has provided the advice on policy making in various issues to assure that the president will take the right decision. However, there are a few differences when it comes to the efforts he is making to support the president. He has been able to manage the favorable trade terms of US with China to assure that trading will begin. He is the one who praised the GOP tax plan which was signed last year.

Sean Hannity

One of the biggest supporter and defender of Trump in the public is Sean. He is known as the earliest supporters of Trump who has been with him during the campaigns as well. In order to get the message out, he has worked wit trump several times to assure that people will know the real him. That is how Sean has also worked as the outside adviser of Trump. He has visited the White House various times to assure that he can show everything about the president. It has also been revealed that personal lawyer of Trump has done various jobs for Sean as well.

Corey Lewandowski

He is the campaign manager of Trump who has been working with him since the beginning. They met in the political event and since then they have been close to each other. Corey manage all the campaigns that are related to Trump. That is how he has visited the White House several times and spend some quality time with the president.

Peter Thiel

He is the co-founder of PayPal. He has delivered his speech in the White House. It happened during the 4th day of the Republican National Convention in 2016. He has visited White House several times as well.

No doubt that the White House is open for the public to visit and explore the historical place on their own terms. However, there are only a few personalities who have been able to truly visit the White House from the inside and explore everything that it has. There are various other personalities who have visited the White House several times but their names have not been mentioned or revealed to the public. Make sure that you plan your tour to the White House to know about the history of this remarkable building.