Past White House Guests


Famous personalities who have visited White House from around the world

The White House is one of the most recognized buildings in the world. It is a historical landmark of the USA which has survived a massive fire and still stands tall. It is the home of the president of the United States. There are many people who dream of visiting the White House. They want to explore the beautiful building and to know the secrets which are hidden within its walls.  You may be surprised to know who has been invited to the White House.

Some of the famous personalities who were guests at the White House


1-King David Kalākaua of the Kingdom of Hawaii

In 1874, president Ulysses S. Grant invited King David for the state dinner. Since then the tradition of state dinner has started in which the heads of states are honored.


2-Booker T. Washington

In 1901 Preside Theodore Roosevelt invited the pioneer of civil rights Booker T. various American-African have visited the USA before but none of them got the chance to have dinner with the president.


3-Marie Curie

In 1929, Madam Curie was invited by president Herbert to visit the white house but her visit overshadowed by global dire events.


4-Winston Churchill

In 1941 when Nazi forces of Germany overtook most of the Europe with their Japanese allies, Churchill visited the white house to finalize some deals with the president Franklin D. Roosevelt.


5-Charles de Gaulle

In 1945 when the World War 2 was won there were celebrations and France’s president and resistance leader visited the white house for the first time in history.


6-Helen Keller

In 1953 the disabled author, advocate and educator got the chance to meet president Dwight for the first time. Both were inspiration for each other and Helen touched the face of president to see him. 


7-Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III

In 1961, President Kennedy invited the power couple to honour them with the dinner in White House.

8-Judy Garland

In 1962 the Wizard of Oz star Judy was invited by Kennedy for the visit of White House. There was a rumour that Kennedy used to call Judy to sing him songs.


9-Elvis Presley

In 1970, the king of rock visited the White House for the first time and the moment was photographed. It is known as the most wanted photograph of the century.


10-James Brown

In 1972, it was Black America because the African-American community got their rights. To show the support for the president James Brown visited the white house.


11-Duke Ellington

In 1969, Duke was presented with the medal of freedom in the White House by President Nixon. He was a famous pianist and even the president played the piano first time in the White House.



In 1975, the greatest soccer player of the history was invited to the White House by the president. He surprised everyone by juggling football in the lawn of The White House.


13-Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

In 1977, the man in black himself with his wife and son visited the White House on an invitation from the president Jimmy Carter. They were honored for their participation in HIRE.


14-Pope John Paul II

In 1979, Pope became the first pope in the history to visit the White House when he was invited by the president. After that pope visiting the White House became a common thing.


15-Michael Jackson

In 1984, the king of pop, Michael Jackson visited the White House on invitation from the president Reagan. He was a global celebrity at that time and was received by president himself.


16-Mother Teresa

She is known as the living saint in the world and got the chance to visit the White House in 1985 when she was invited by President Reagan.


17-Mikhail Gorbachev

In 1987, the Soviet general visit the White House for the first time in history. It is known as the most consequential visit of the White House


18-Princess Diana and Prince Charles

In 1985, a gala was held in the White House in the honor of the most loved princess in the world Princess Diana. She with her husband dined and enjoyed in the gala.


19-Nelson Mandela

He is known as the civil rights leader in the world. He met with George W. Bush in the lawn of White House for a joint statement.


20-Benazir Bhutto

In 1989, Benazir Bhutto was honored by a state dinner by President George W. Bush. She is the most influential women in the history who became the leader of a Muslim country.


21-Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin

In 1993, Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation organization came to visit the White House for peace talks. He left the US after signing the Oslo Peace Accords. 


22-Steven Spielberg

One of the major financial contributor of Bill Clinton, Spielberg was invited to the White House for the sleepover. It happened because of the increasing donations for access accusation.



Bono has been publicly criticizing the policies of Bush and in 2005 they got the chance to meet in the White House and had a serious discussion of policies for 40 minutes.


24-Jay Z and Beyonce

During the 8 years in office, Obama invited the couple several times and once they have visited the White House.


25-Kim Kardashian West

She was invited to the White House for discussion of her project prison reforms by Trump.


Bottom line

No doubt that the White House is open for the public to visit and explore the historical place on their own terms. However, there are only a few personalities who have been able to truly visit the White House from the inside and explore everything that it has. There are various other personalities who have visited the White House several times but their names have not been mentioned or revealed to the public. Make sure that you plan your tour to the White House to know about the history of this remarkable building.