Tour the White House


The  White House is open for the public to visit and explore.  Click here to get further details on how to tour the White House. 


Tour the White House

The White House is one of the most beautiful homes in the country and certainly the most famous. It’s also the signature landmark for our nation’s capital, one of the most popular tourist sites in the United States.

Although tours to this magnificent home are more difficult to obtain than they used to be, it can still be done. Tours are arranged through a group’s representative to Congress, and the group must be 10 or more. These tours require significant advanced planning, and frequent confirmation as the appointment can be shuffled due to a higher security level or other circumstances.

This tour is, however, worth the extra steps required. The home was built, furnished, and decorated with the sole intention to make an impressive statement about the powerful country it represents.

An interesting fact about the White House
When George Washington decided to build the White House, there were controversies over where to build it, whether north or south. Washington finally chose the land between the Maryland and Virginia, who were at the border, and they happy to donate the land where the White House is currently located, not north or south, but in one district, the Colombian district.

The White House has about 132 rooms; the tour includes eight luxurious rooms. One of the most beautiful is the Blue Room. Shaped like the oval office and decorated in rich textures with the color of its name, the Blue Room is often where the president officially greets some of his important visitors, such as Foreign Dignitaries. The Red and Green rooms are two other beautifully furnished rooms on the White House tour.

The East Room is a large great room used for many important White House events. The White House has a great library and the Elegant Vermeil Room with its yellow-paneled walls and collection of gilded silver. The Entrance and Cross Halls is the large open entry and halls connecting the various wings. The walls and floors in the Entrance and Cross Halls is beautiful marble, and you’ll be struck by the detailed elegance throughout this magnificent mansion.

A perfect enhancement to any White House tour is in the White House Visitor’s Center. This attraction gives its visitors a rich and detailed White House experience with or without the actual tour of the mansion. The Visitor’s Center used to be the place to obtain White House tour tickets and therefore serves as a preparatory experience, detailing the grandeur of the White House and outlining its famous and important areas.

The Oval Office, like many other rooms, is not available on White House tours, but the White House Visitor’s Center can show you the various decors chosen for this famous room by previous presidents. The exhibits and displays in the Visitor’s Center are full of anecdotes surrounding the First Families of the White House You’ll see the First Home in the part it has played in amazing social events and relations with powerful world leaders.

The White House Has Many Offices And Some Of These Offices Are:
Domestic Policy Council: – The Domestic Policy Council controls the White House coordination, development, and execution.

National Economic Council: – This team work by supervising the national and international economic policies.

Cabinet Affairs Office: – This team acts as the main link between the United States and his White House Cabinet.

Digital Strategy Office: – This team uses digital platforms to enhance the president’s message and communicate with citizens across the country online. They also help with design, digital content, and engagement.
Intergovernmental Affairs Office: – This team is responsible for developing relations with representatives of states, counties, towns, and tribes. The team in this office work together with staff to establish new relationships and maintain current relationships with County Executives, Governors, commissioners, Mayors, and Tribal leaders.

White House Legislative Affairs Office: – This office operates by updating the President’s legislative program on Capitol Hill. This team also works with the Senators, and Representatives to support the President’s priorities.

White House Photo Office: – This office work on photographically capturing, and, documenting the presidency history.

White House Visitors Office: – This office organizes events and directs all tours into the White House. The team in this office helps in the day-to-day activities of the office and also plays an important role in Garden Tours, sporting events, and seasonal events in the grasslands.

White House Management Office: – This office maintains communication between all White House administration and Management offices. Their responsibilities include defining and communicating the White House resource policy, implementing specific projects for all executive and administrative offices in the White House.

White House Switchboard Office: – This office operates by providing conference call services and accurate personalized connection to all workers and staff working with the President in the White House.
The Political Affairs Office: – This office promotes supports, develops, and advances partnerships during the President Service and his action agenda.

Presidential Progress Office: – This office operates by planning, organizing and executing the presidential events to the United States people and the world.