White House Facts

Interesting facts about the White House

The White House has always been known as the staple of American government. The historical building has gone through a lot of tribulations and trials.

There are various rumors created about the White House that range from Willie Nelson’s smoking pot on the roof to past presidents still haunting the hallowed halls.  In case you have not heard or just want to know, we  will enlighten, surprise and entertain you with various facts about the White House that you never knew or heard about.

Rumors and facts that have faded over time.  Learn a few tidbits about the most important building in the US.


Why is the White House is white?

Have you ever thought about why the White House is painted white? There are several several stories such as how the British burned the White House in 1814 and they painted it white. Actually, that was not a factor for the color choice, 


In 1798, the building was first constructed and covered in a lime-based whitewash.  It was basically done to protect and maintain the porous walls made of stones. It was also done to assure that stones can be protected from freezing.


On 18th March 1812, the Congressman Abijah Bigelow wrote to one of his colleagues about all the troubles they were facing in the White House and after three months, the  British army took over the White House and the war started.

Another benefit of the color white, is the building is old and has various cracks and crevices that shows its age and condition, so in order to assure that the White House always looks good as new it get a whitewash.  White gives it that much needed renewed look and helps it weather better.

The White House was last painted in 1818 with white lead paint which has proved to be more durable and reliable. Until 1901 it was called The White House only because of the color and Theodore Roosevelt was the one to the name official.


When was the White House built

The construction of the White House was started in 1792. The first cornerstone of the major buildings of the United States was laid under the supervision of President Washington. He also oversaw the entire construction of the White House but a surprising fact is that he never got the chance to live in the amazing building because he died before the construction was completed.

It was not until 1800 when the constriction of the White House was almost complete completed and renovated. that the entire government body o were relocated from Philadelphia to Washington to assure that they were close to the president.


The first president and first lady who moved into the White House made  changes to the interior and added their own touch to make the Withe House professional and official. However, soon after that, the White House suffered a huge fire during the Great Britain war. After that, it was renovated and since then all the presidents of the US have resided in the White House in its current layout during their presidency. It is the private home of the president and his family and a place where the public can tour free of charge.


Why the particular location of the White House was selected


A common question that most people have in mind is that why the White House is located in the particular location, with so many other places in the US where the White House could have been built.


During the late 1780s, the location was compromised between the northern and southern representatives. According to the Residence Act of 1790, the location that was selected for the White House because it was near the Potomac River. It allowed the president of the time,  George Washington to select the location of his choice and he picked the new capital city for the construction of the president’s house.


He marked the spot for the future north walls as well as the entrance to the White House. The selected position and location of the White House was symbolically preferred as the President’s house.


Who was the first president and first lady to reside in White House


In 1800 the federal government of the US was relocated to Washington from Philadelphia. At that time John Adams was the 2nd president of the country and he was invited to live in the White House. However,  at that time, the construction of the White House had not been completed, but he still oped to move into the White House with his first lady Abigail Adams on the 1st. of  November.


Living in the White House was a blessing for the president because he got the opportunity to live in the dream home of George Washington. However, not so much for his wife when she arrived and became disappointed with the incomplete look of their home.


Completion finally was completed and took began the to be known as it is today, the official house of the president. Not much has been changed since then.